Since its start in 2014 - One Caucasus Festival has been co-created by the amazing team of One Caucasus International Volunteers. 
Each year for our Call for Volunteers we got dozens of applications from people from all around the world. The co-creators of One Caucasus were the people from such countries as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Czech, Egypt, Kenya, Martinique (Fr.), Mexico, New Zealand, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, USA and many more.

Together we raise One Caucasus Town where we run multidisciplinary workshops for and with local communities of multi-ethnic region of Marneuli. We support the grassroots promotion and information of the festival and the program and logistics of this unique meeting. The final team of the volunteers will combination of professional architects, artists, cooks, educators, filmmakers, journalists and other practitioners with the young activists.



Plan of Action:

  • 20th of May (23:59) - deadline for applications --- fill the form now!
  • 31th of May - approximately the date of the results of the call
  • 5th of June - deadline for the confirmation of the participation by selected volunteers
  • 8th of August - start of the International Volunteer Program
  • 24-27th of August - One Caucasus Festival
  • 29th of August - International Volunteer Program ending

Be Part of the Change. Co-create One Caucasus!



International Volunteer Program - contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reda Haddad aka Skadyktator -  a musician and a theatre director. As a performer he connects the dots between music and theatre. He played at biggest reggae festivals in Poland and performed in Spain, Russia, Venezuela. His music is traditional jamaican ska-jazz - a syncopated swing vibe that makes everything moving.
Skadyktator and His Cosmic Combo played many gigs and influenced many reggae musicians such as Robert Brylewski, Słoma and Piotr "Struna" Strojnowski and also young jazz and folk artists - because ska connects everybody! Skadyktator`s Big Band at Centrum Wielokulturowe in Warsaw is the biggest ever noted band playing ska in Poland.

Reda conquests the Space to free all the minds and souls and puts everything in the ska motion. His band - "Cosmic Combo" is created from the best musicians who have their third eye open.


CHVENEBUREBI and Mamadou Diouf (Poland/Senegal) @ Transkaukazja 2014 in Portugal

CHVENEBUREBI is one of the most acclaimed Georgian male vocal ensemble, specialized in traditional vocal polyphony accompanied by traditional instruments. The group members are representatives of „musical families” originating from different regions of Georgia which results in amazing mix of styles. During performances, apart from music the group presents traditional Georgian outfits and dances, often involving participation of the audience. Concerts of CHVENEBUREBI bring strong emotions,varying from tears of sadness through meditation to true joy resulting form the music.

Pako Sarr (Soweto Youth Boys, ARRA, Pako Sarr Band) is an acclaimed artist from Senegal, who is currently residing in Poland.
This year it would be his third year with One Caucasus Festival.

This August, the best Georgian reggae band is going to make their stage debut at One Caucasus Festival. Together with outstanding musicians from other countries they will create the biggest reggae orchestra ever in Caucasus.

What makes their music special is the blend of reggae and georgian polyphony music – what you can't find anywhere else.

One Caucasus Music is always the result of common work of the great musicians coming from different countries, different genres and different music background.

The Academy of Informal Education of Marneuli region - soon to start!

If you are a teacher or educator that works in Marneuli region - there are still some last places in the framework of the Academy of Informal Education!

It is just one week since we've announced the call for volunteers and we already have received more than 130 applications sent by people from Armenia, Azerbaijan (the biggest number so far), Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Poland & Ukraine. If you haven't filled your application - it is good time to do it :)

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The project is cofunded by Marneuli Municipality, Government of the United States, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw City Hall, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and French Institute of Georgia