Annual International Festival One Caucasus is an interdisciplinary festival and a long-term borderland program that first took a place in Georgia in 2014. The event is located in a region called Marneuli, at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in a small village called Tserakvi.


One Caucasus 2017 edition will take place in Tserakvi (Marneuli, Georgia) on 24-27th of August. This year the Festival will host participants from more than 15 countries including: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, India, Kenya, France (Martinique), Nepal, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Tibet, Tunisia, Ukraine, the USA. 

Why Marneuli?

The Caucasus suffers from many conflicts The region of Marneuli is a borderland of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and is known for being a place where many ethnic and religious groups have been living in peace for many years. It is quite unique in the Caucasus which continues to suffer from a range of conflicts and tensions. Our aim is, with the support of the local municipality, to create an inspirational & safe space to foster the meetings and collaboration of young people from the entire Caucasus region.

What makes this Festival special?

One Caucasus Festival brings together musicians, artists, architects, educators and volunteers from all over the world.

It is a festival of the next generation
  • joint international music projects created by professional musicians from Caucasus and beyond
  • multifunctional One Caucasus Town co-created by architects, volunteers and locals – packed with program of various interdisciplinary activities
  • visual arts program bringing prominent contemporary artists into the context of life of local villages
A change-maker also to non-festival life
  • new international music friendships between prominent musicians from Caucasus and from other regions of the world,
  • starting all-year Informal Educational Program for villages of Marneuli
  • to support establishing the Marneuli citizen budget (first such program in Caucasus) with people deciding on local budget spending
Festival made by people for people
  • offers an international volunteer programme to co-create the Festival 
The Festival has free admission, free transport (Tbilisi/Tserakvi/Tbilisi) and free living zone 


Come and join us for the unique One Caucasus experience!  

One Caucasus 2014, 2015 & 2016 in numbers:

  • 111 musicians from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Georgia, Germany, Jamaica, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Senegal, UK, Ukraine, USA (including individual musicians and 11 bands) created together 23 new international music projects and performed @ One Caucasus Festival,
  • more than 500 people took part in One Caucasus in 42 different types of workshop cycles led by educators from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Belarus, Bulgaria, France (Martinique), Georgia, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar, Poland, Spain,Senegal,  Tunisia, Ukraine and United Kingdom,
  • around 6 000 people attended the One Caucasus Festival,
  • Local government of Marneuli dedicated more than 3 000 000 Lari (more than 1 130 000 Euro) of its budget to the projects of local residents in framework of the first Participatory Budget of the Caucasus (2015 and 2016 editions)! Representatives of 43 villages and towns took part in the Participatory Budget workshops and submitted altogether 185 projects to make a local change in their region.
  • 9 One Caucasus organizers and partners (from Poland, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, USA, Burma and Germany) and 7 funding institutions (The Government of the United States, Marneuli Municipality, President Administration of Georgia, Ministries of Culture of Poland and Georgia and Warsaw Municipality, French Institute in Georgia).



The project is cofunded by Marneuli Municipality, Government of the United States, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw City Hall, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and French Institute of Georgia